Ferrigno Legacy


  1. What Can You Learn at a Bodybuilding Expo?

    As a spectator at one of the finest bodybuilding expos in the country, the guests at the Ferrigno Legacy Expo are treated not only to a weekend of some of the best booths, sponsors, and events in the country, but the folks who come to California for the FLEXPO are also witness to some of the best athletes and competitors in the sport. Whether you are seeing IFBB pros who have won several competit…Read More

  2. Spectating at a Bodybuilding Show

    A weekend full of the best bikini, figure, fitness, and powerlifting athletes sounds like the best way to spend three days. There are sure to be some folks who have never been to a bodybuilding or fitness expo, though, and may look at Ferrigno Legacy wondering why exactly anyone apart from family and coaches would want to sit in the crowd. We know exactly why, and our team wants to encourage anyo…Read More

  3. FLEXPO is a Great Vacation Choice

    When the cold winter months roll around, avoiding the snow and frigid temperatures may be at the top of your to-do list. Ferrigno Legacy understands that, which is why we put on our Expo in sunny California. November can’t bring snow, low temperatures, or a lack of motivation to Palm Springs, which is why attending the FLEXPO is a fantastic idea if you are looking for a way to escape the winter …Read More

  4. Purchase Tickets

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  6. What is a Training Split

    The competitors, spectators, and sponsors of the Ferrigno Legacy Expo (or, as we call it, FLEXPO) are all familiar with the competitive world of bodybuilding and fitness competitions. We also know how much time, hard work, and dedication go into sculpting the physique of a Greek god, from the diet and tracking of macronutrients to ensuring supplementation is optimal, not to mention the strenuous h…Read More

  7. Bodybuilding Basics

    If you are new to the sport of bodybuilding or simply don’t know much about it, considering competition or even doing it recreationally can be an intimidating venture. Those men and women on stage have pushed themselves and their bodies to the limits and then some to achieve a god-like physique, and starting from square one with the hopes of attaining the same end result has the potential to ap…Read More

  8. Who Comes to Ferrigno Legacy?

    Imagine taking your passion for bodybuilding and having the chance to plan a vacation around it. A trip to Ferrigno Legacy is not only a great trip for a long weekend, but also a destination for people from all walks of life who come together through fitness. If you’ve never been to an event like ours, you may be wondering the type of crowd you will be a part of when you land in California for t…Read More

  9. Fitness Technology TEST

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  10. Olympic Weightlifting and Powerlifting – What’s the Difference?

    Apart from bodybuilding, there are numerous other physique and weight lifting-related sports that fall under the fitness banner. Two of the more popular are those of olympic weightlifting and powerlifting. It may seem odd to the uninitiated, but these two sports, though both involving lifting, could not be further apart from each other. Not siblings, but rather distant cousins of one another, thes…Read More